lostmodern architecture and 3D

since 2006. By Tai Schomaker

+49 30 43 02 15 10


Ust-IdNr.: DE262635709

lostmodern is an architecture getting back to the creative enthusiasm and aesthetic of the 1920s while taking in consideration the postmodernist pragmatic acceptation of reality.
lostmodern deals with sustainable and environmental topics, mixing high-tech solutions with vernacular common sense.
lostmodern is a 3D architect, elaborating models for design validation and high-end rendering for client communication.
lostmodern is connected to a network of designers able to meet any command at a high standard for a fair price and in fair delivery times.
lostmodern is a theoretical and critical platform.

lostmodern is what you need as contractor or architectural amateur

All rights reserved. Protected contents are displayed for reference purpose.


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